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This Youth Leader's Coach, "20 Things Guys On Your Youth Leadership Team Want The Lady Leaders To Know," is sure to become one of your favorites! It's the companion to the one I did from the female perspective. Granted, last time I checked, I'm a million miles from being a guy. So rest assured that I interviewed many of the male species to get their "top twenty." The results were eye-opening in some cases.

So listen carefully to what many men in youth ministry would love to communicate to the female leaders on their team. And then feel free to make copies of both this Youth Leader's Coach and its companion, "25 Things Ladies On Your Leadership Team Wish Male Leaders Knew About Them." Hand them out to your leaders and I assure you that the unity and understanding on your team will go up. After all, a popular writer tells us that "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus!" No matter how much we all love teenagers, we're wired up pretty differently.

Your Venus Cheerleader,

One of the biggest challenges in youth ministry is money! Through the years, I've done countless fundraisers. So, in this Youth Leader's Coach, I'm going to share with you some of my very best ideas.

Listen in on "24 Ways To Raise Money Without Washing Cars" and I guarantee that you will come away with some new strategies that will make your fundraising adventures a whole lot easier, more profitable and, maybe, even fun!


This is one of those times together that you will want to copy and give to all the guys in your leadership team! Better yet, if you are bold, make copies for your female leaders too and then ask them how you're doing (if you're a male leader). I've entitled our time together "25 Things Ladies On Your Leadership Team Wish Male Leaders Knew About Them."

Through the years in youth ministry, I've repeatedly heard girls bemoan some of the same issues with men in the youth leadership trenches. This is especially true of ladies who work on the team of a male youth pastor. So I had some fun and decided to create this Youth Leader's Coach around 25 of those most repeated themes. You'll have fun listening. Even more, I think you'll hear some things that will help sharpen teamwork in your youth ministry with some of the amazing females around you.

Still laughing at "Women's Lib,"

NYLC General Session

Listen to a master communicator, Andy Stanley, as he shares five questions which help him reach his communication goals each time he plans a message. He also shares some great topic ideas for your next message. You'll love this one!

In Dan Hunter's Super Session, "Big Team, Little You," he reminds us that ministry was never meant for you to do alone, it was meant to be done as a "team." "Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together." Dan gives us tips on how to build a team, because "none of us can do everything, but together, we all can do anything."

Dan has over seventeen years of experience in student ministry and is currently the Student Ministry Pastor at Grace Community Church in Houston, TX.

Ever preached a pretty decent message only to have it take a major nose-dive when you came to closing prayer? I sure have. That's why this Youth Leader's Coach was especially fun to do. I've entitled it, "Effective Closing Prayer Times And Invitations."

I'm not sure I've ever heard a teaching on pragmatic suggestions to help make your closing prayer times and/or invitations to receive Christ more effective. So I took several hours to reflect personally on a few of the keys the Lord has taught me through the years.

Please listen closely. For though we all know that lasting spiritual fruit only comes through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we often make His job pretty tough by our own lack of planning as we conclude our services. So take some notes and begin to put careful attention into the closing 10 minutes of your message. I promise that it will reap an eternal difference.

Still responding to my own altar calls,

Joe Newton was a high school track coach for 57 winning years in Elmhurst, Illinois. He was the only high school cross country coach that has had the honor to be on the US Olympic track staff. What was his secret? He said, "True success in any arena comes from inspiring ORDINARY people to work hard at becoming EXTRAORDINARY."

In this leadership mentoring, I'm sharing with a group of youth leaders as we learn five practical pragmatics from Coach Newton for coaching a winning youth ministry.


I've always loved sports because I think sports captures a microcosm of life. I've always looked at my youth ministry as a team that I was coaching and the same dynamics that puts a winning sports team on the map, helps put a winning youth ministry team on the map.

Listen in as we extract some pragmatic keys from a high school coach who led his team to championship meets 30 times in 31 years. Let's jump in as we parallel breeding track champions to champions in our youth ministry.

Lovingly coaching from a distance,

NYLC Breakout Session

Every week we all steward the privilege of trying to communicate the story of Redemption. At 12Stone® we embrace the arts to create an environment for great communication. Join me and a couple of folks from our Redemptive Arts Team as we talk about making moments, meaningful metaphors, and creative process.

Over the years, each of my youth groups have been diverse and unique. But each group has also had one thing in common - we sought to create a friendship culture. This topic is so important to me that I've devoted an entire book to it called "Thriving Youth Groups."

I'm giving you the heart of that concept in this Youth Leader's Coach entitled, "Creating A Friendship Culture In Your Youth Ministry." If a youth group fails what I call the "friendliness test," the youth ministry has all but failed. So grab a cup of java and let me share some of the key principles to change the culture in your group.

Lovingly being a friend,

I got off the phone not long ago with an "unhappy" (code language for "ticked") mom who comes to our church. She went on a long, emotional banter about how our youth ministry "shouldn't be letting "THOSE KIDS" in...after all, her daughter was a pretty model teenager until she met a certain young man at the youth group!" Long sigh in my heart.

It's the repeating dilemma that youth leaders face often. How do you create a youth service that both disciples and motivates your "already Jesus followers" at the same time you are also reaching teenagers who are far from being anything close to being a Christ-follower? That's the challenge I tried to unpack for the mom who was calling me to "verbalize her strong disappointment in my approach."


NYLC Breakout Session

Mark DeVries has a lot of experience in youth ministry. He is the founder of Youth Ministry Architects, a hands-on coaching service for churches whose youth ministries are in transition or churches who hope to see their youth ministries move to the next level. Also, for the past 20 years, Mark has served as the Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families at First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, where he continues to oversee the youth ministry on a part-time basis.

Mark has seen that churches are struggling to hold onto their kids, especially in their later high school years. Even though churches are good at being friendly, they struggle at creating programs for teens that will help to make them mature Christians. Youth groups can be a lot of fun, the more loyal a kid is to a youth ministry, the less likely they are to join the church, because it's not as exciting. If we want kids to know what it means to be an adult Christian, we've got to hang out with them and find ways for them to spend more time with adult Christians who are living out their faith.

The majority of us have seen or channel surfed past "Flip That House" or a show like it. And, whether you're a HGTV/TLC fan or not, most of us in youth ministry have felt a similar need to "Flip That Youth Group." This need for a new and improved look may be in the area of outreach, worship, community, spiritual tenor or something entirely different. Regardless, whether now or later, we know the need for change is inevitable. Navigating that change can either be glorious if done well or catastrophic if not.

In this Youth Leader's Coach, we look at how to create specific change in our youth ministries without demolishing them. So, grab a cup of coffee and join me as we look at four things that will help us accomplish the task at hand one kid at a time.


NYLC Breakout Session

Some people think that being an Administrative Assistant means you are never truly appreciated for all the work you do, you'll never get to reach your own dreams, you're not gifted enough for a better job and that you'll never be completely caught up with your "to-do" list.

In this session, Jeanne's own Administrative Assistant, Bethany Shay, and Brittany Dore, an Administrative Assistant on Staff with Master's Commission Atlanta, remind those attending their session that a good Administrative Assistant is there to invest in the life of the person they are working for and by helping in their weak areas it gives you an opportunity to make them look better. You can be someone they trust and depend on and you have the opportunity to pray for them and their vision.

Bethany and Brittany share why they love their jobs and pragmatics on how to do them well.

NYLC Breakout Session

The right games can transform any crowd, large or small, from a boring slice of humanity to a fun-loving, energetic, and magnetic group of people. The games we demonstrate will be immediately transferrable to your own student ministry, school clubs, camps, conventions, or school assemblies. This session give you countless new ideas of games that actually work!

As with you, there are some aspects of God's character that are easily exemplified and amplified in my ministry because of how I am wired. My true heart's desire, however, is for students to understand the whole character of God, not just a slice or two. In order to do that, to operate at full-throttle, it takes intentionality on my part, as it will on yours. So, in this Youth Leader's Coach, we'll hit on eight overall themes that we need to make sure are woven throughout our youth ministry - up front, in small groups, personal discipleship, etc.

Remember, we are the closest representation to the character of God that most of our students and youth leaders will feel and sense. Therefore, it is our honor and responsibility to represent Him in a balanced way.


Have you ever sat down to write your message and couldn't remember what you spoke on the week before? I know I have! This Youth Leader's Coach tackles the question that haunts all of us in youth ministry - "Do they remember a thing we say?"

In our time together we focus on what separates preaching from communicating. With highlights from the secular book by Chip and Dan Heath, Made to Stick, I talk about six keys that make communication stick. I promise if you focus on just three of these keys, what you communicate will be much easier to remember.

So grab your coffee and join me as we look at "How To Communicate So They Actually Remember."

Still fighting to make things stick,

Have you noticed?  Bulletin inserts don't work!  Pulpit announcements don't work!  We all know that in order to grow our youth ministries we must first enlarge our leadership base.  But, how do you do that?  What secrets have you discovered that others might need to hear?  What might someone else have figured out that you never thought of?  In this quarter's topic, we discuss recruiting strategies to solve the #1 reoccurring challenge most of us face in youth ministry, "How To Create An Amazing Volunteer Leadership Team."

While we all know numbers are not the only factor, or even the strongest factor, in determining the health of your ministry, it is also true that we can't make an eternal difference in an empty chair. In this Youth Leader's Coach we are talking about one of youth ministries' most puzzling topics, "How To Hold On To Numerical Growth."

So grab your coffee and join me as we talk about a few key pragmatic ways to get kids in the door and keep them.

Still Growing 1% at a Time,

NYLC Breakout Session

The tech side of ministry is often unglamorous and gets little recognition. You must show up before anyone else and stay until everyone is gone. It is the tech team's job to make those on the stage look their best and for Jay Parmenter, Jeanne's Audio and Lighting Director and Sterling Rowan, Jeanne's Media Director, it's an act of worship.

Jay and Sterling have been on Jeanne's team for five years and in this session they share their passion with the youth leaders present and answer questions on how they make it all come together for services, retreats and NYLC.

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