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This resource will be invaluable for any of us that call ourselves leaders, no matter where we are at in life. Everything rises and falls on leadership. That's why it's so important that we take the time to evaluate ourselves occasionally on how we are doing personally as we lead others.

In this month's Youth Leader's Coach, "10 Point Leadership Self-Assessment Test: How Much Of A Leader Are You Really?" I'm challenging all of us to use these 10 points to gauge how we are doing leadership-wise. Let this be both an encouragement for you in the areas you are doing great and a chance to put the target on the wall for yourself in areas that could use some improvement.


You're not surprised by the topic of this Youth Leader's Coach are you? Boredom is a fact of life with anything you decide to do with consistency for the long haul.

Even Michael Jordan got bored, but instead of coasting he chose to get creative. He found new ways to do the basic drills to stay sharp when others found it easy to get lazy. He fought through the boredom and became a legend.

If we want to be more than good in youth ministry, but for the Lord's honor want to be great, we too must intentionally and strategically shake up our routines and take care of ourselves. So, grab a cup of coffee and let's wrestle through this thing...together!

Choosing to get creative,

Someone asked me recently, “What are some things that would have helped you along the ministry journey if you would have known them when you started?” It started my heart and mind reaching back over the more than four decades of youth and young adult ministry experience to make some summations of some of what I’ve learned along the journey.

Listen in as I unpack 5 things that I most wish someone would have shared with me early on when I began in youth ministry. Many of these lessons I’ve learned the painful way. It is my prayer that I can encourage you by helping you avoid some of the same pitfalls I made in my journey.


Jesus regularly went to the synagogue. David prayed seven times a day, and Daniel three. Zacchaeus offered sacrifices "as was his custom." What are your daily success rituals? Do you have any? Have you thought about them lately?

Honestly, we really don't decide our future, but decide our habits. Our habits, in turn, are what determine our future. The statement is so true, "The secret of our future can be found in our daily routines."

With that in mind, our daily routines are far too important not to intentionally spend some time focusing in on them. So grab your coffee, have a seat in your favorite chair and listen in as we get strategic in creating our daily success rituals.


After nearly five decades in the youth ministry, I've learned that there are a lot of great starters in ministry, but sadly, not many finishers. I recently heard of yet another amazing pastor that was "quietly asked to leave" the ministry because of choices he made. The daily relational and pragmatic challenges in ministry can seem overwhelming unless you intentionally make choices to keep your ministry fresh and avoid the "Deadly Seven."

In this Youth Leader's Coach, I share the "Seven Deadly Sins Of Youth Ministry" that will take you out of the race or, at the very least, result in crossing the finish line burned out. The avoidance of the "Deadly Seven" will enable you to finish this youth ministry race with the wind in your face.

In pursuit of Him and His kids,

I suppose nothing challenges most of us in youth ministry more than trying to make enough time each day to get everything done that seems to demand our attention. Over the years in youth ministry, I've made it a habit to occasionally re-evaluate my own time management in light of my personal dreams and goals.

In this Youth Leader's Coach, I share with you the eight key questions I ask myself periodically to "keep myself on track." Peter Drucker says, "Efficiency is doing things right, but effectiveness is doing right things." So grab a cup of coffee, consider transcribing my eight questions, and then spend some time evaluating your time management in light of these thoughts. I promise the results will be both challenging and rewarding.

Yours for being EFFECTIVE in Youth Ministry,

The wisdom of Proverbs 23:7 tells us, "For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he." And, James Allen echoed it well when he said, "You are today, where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow, where your thoughts take you."

How we "think" is such a key component of success that, in this Youth Leader's Coach, we are going to cash in on ten years of study by Dr. Seymore Epstein, Chairman of the Psychology Department at the University of Massachusetts, on how super achievers think.

As you listen, honestly evaluate yourself on the nine distinct patterns that emerged and zero in on a couple areas where opportunity for improvement exists in your life and ministry.


"The fact that people are choosing to follow you is not necessarily an indication that you deserve to be followed." Tough words to hear, aren't they? While they might not "feel good," five decades into youth ministry tell me that they are words that need to be spoken often.

The fact is I've watched the "charisma" of too many leaders take them where their "character" couldn't keep them. My heart's desire is for you to rise up and take notice and not fall into the same trap. This Youth Leader's Coach may help you to do just that.

When it comes to ministry, talent may determine your potential, but character determines your legacy. Don't be a great starter, but a poor finisher. May integrity, the true litmus test for success, be the signature of your life!

Eliminating the baby dragons,

The war raging within you and me that, if we're not careful, can go unchecked is the war between power and true biblical authority. We are especially susceptible when we experience any measure of success. We can sometimes misinterpret that success as divine approval for all of our motives.

In this Youth Leader's Coach, we'll look at the fall of Saul, a king whose motives got all tangled up in his ego, insecurities and need for the approval of his people. We then turn to the life of Jesus to detangle the mess and show us how to conquer the battle within.

Fight the fight, serve the people and remain true to your Christ-honoring convictions and, little-by-little, your voice will echo in the lives of those you lead.


What moves any organization, including youth ministry, from being merely GOOD to truly great? Jim Collins, who wrote the book Good to Great, says that the most important factor is "Level 5 Leadership."

In this month's Youth Leader's Coach, "Are You A Level 5 Leader?," I'm unpacking some of the traits that Collins uses in his book to describe a LEVEL 5 LEADER. It's my prayer that this resource challenges you to fight to be the best leader that you can be.

Still Growing,

As leaders, many times we communicate, "We're not into quantity; we're into quality." Often, that's a cop-out. Winning youth ministry leadership teams PLAY TO WIN. Don't you want to be a part of a CHAMPION leadership team?

This Youth Leader's Coach, "Attitudes Of A Winning Youth Leadership Team," will help equip you with all the strategies to not only have a thriving team, but one that WINS souls for the kingdom of God to make you absolutely UNSTOPPABLE! In this resource you will find pragmatics to help you identify the overarching goal of your ministry and how can you instill an unshakable method of accomplishing that goal for both yourself and in your leaders! I'll also talk about being successful from the smallest scale, to the biggest as we address some of the most CRUCIAL practices in continued growth and relevance in today's leadership culture, while at the same time, talking about the pitfalls to avoid as you lead your team into your best winning season!


I love the Emerson quote, "The years will teach you what the days will never know." In this Youth Leader's Coach, I am going to take you on a journey with me through my years in ministry in an effort to stretch you and help you avoid potential pitfalls.

The journey God has you on is so worthwhile my friend. For every challenging moment I've encountered, I can't tell you how grateful I am that I didn't take the exits and detours that would have been so easy.

I want to be known, not as a person who is a great starter, but a great finisher. I want that for you as well.

In the trenches with you,

NYLC Breakout Session

Jon has a full-time job in sales and is also a volunteer with LifeChurch.tv & Switch Youth Ministries. Paula has volunteered for many years in youth ministry, including one of Jeanne's. Along with being volunteers, they have two small children at home. It's challenging balancing a ministry and a family, but it's especially challenging for volunteers that also are working a full-time job besides. In this session, Jon and Paula share how they balance it all using a blueprint to help set priorities and, using wisdom from Proverbs 31, give four examples of how they do it in their own lives by considering their options and making good choices, planting fruitful vines and making the best use of what they are already doing, girding up their resources and planning for success, and finally taking time to evaluate what they're doing.

Amazing is not how most teenagers will describe church speakers, youth communicators and teachers. The word they would use most to describe them is..."boring." One of the most significant things that you can ever learn to do as a youth communicator, if you want the Word of God to be given powerfully so it's remembered, is to find strong stories and establish a simple filing system where you keep them.

The truth is, lots of people will forget your message, but they will remember key stories. In this Youth Leader's Coach, I share ten places where you can find some great stories. I also share a few important pointers that will help you tell the stories so they will be more compelling and memorable…and some important filing tips so you can easily find the stories when you need them!


The reality is, how each of us choose to spend our time, will ultimately create how each of us choose to spend our life. However, it's all too easy to let our primary focus be inward, thinking of our own personal rights, to ever truly seize the day. But to be able to truly change my behavior, I must first change my perspective.

In this month's Source, "Carpe Diem," I'm challenging our students to seize the day on making some Christ-honoring choices that can set them up with a lifetime of success and happiness. Listen in, as you hear me illustrate the importance of how we spend our lives with some help from a powerful tape measure illustration, four lepers, and a clock ticking away in the background. It's my hope that we all say to the Lord, "Give me your kind of spiritual leprosy...so I don't waste my life spiritually having too much to lose."

Choosing to seize the day,

You are going to love this Source! It's entitled "Changing Seasons Successfully." After four decades of youth ministry I truly know the only thing that doesn't change in the life of a teenager is change itself!

Whether it's ending an athletic season, moving from junior high to high school, graduating high school and starting college, switching from semester to semester or from being in a relationship to the ending of a relationship, a key lifelong gift you can give your youth is to train them how to move from one season to another while remaining solidly planted in their faith.

In this Source I'm joined by Darren Hileman, as we tag team on seven principles of how to spiritually survive during seasons of change. It is a dynamic high impact night that you are going to want to use with your own youth soon!

Your constant coach thru change,

Joe Newton was a high school track coach for 57 winning years in Elmhurst, Illinois. He was the only high school cross country coach that has had the honor to be on the US Olympic track staff. What was his secret? He said, "True success in any arena comes from inspiring ORDINARY people to work hard at becoming EXTRAORDINARY."

In this leadership mentoring, I'm sharing with a group of youth leaders as we learn five practical pragmatics from Coach Newton for coaching a winning youth ministry.


"If you compare and compete, you'll live in defeat." You would think after four decades in exciting, full-time youth ministry that I wouldn't deal with those mind games any more. But in all honesty, I think we all struggle with painful comparison and competition occasionally in our lives. After all, we live in America where only "gold medal winners" are trumpeted. Unfortunately, part of the "comparison and competition game" spills over into even the youth ministry trenches.

Since Dr. Phil isn't anywhere around, let me share some of the ways I've dealt with this "dreaded duo" in my own life and youth ministry in this month's Youth Leader's Coach, "Compare and Compete: Youth Ministry's Dreaded Duo." I'm sharing with you four things that help combat the two-headed dragon of comparison and competition.

Running for an Audience of One,

If your calendar could speak, what would it say? If you look at a typical youth pastor's weekly schedule, often times you'll find a great deal of time being spent creating a "fast-paced, high-tech, entertaining youth service." However, according to Group Publishing's "Cool Church Survey" of 10,000 students, it ranked dead last in the importance of 10 factors that influence a student's commitment to church.

What was #1? "A welcoming atmosphere where you can be yourself." So, in this Youth Leader's Coach, listen in on seven strategic elements in building a Christ-honoring, welcoming environment. Refuse to fail at this youth ministry success test, choose instead to up the ante when it comes to the friendship/family tenor of your ministry.

All in,

NYLC Breakout Session

Dan Hunter has over seventeen years of experience in student ministry and is currently the Student Ministry Pastor at Grace Community Church in Houston, TX. In his years in ministry, Pastor Dan has learned that the majority of students that walk into your youth group are worried about the need to belong. Students not only want to connect, they need to connect with others and so we need to build our ministries to where connection is a big deal. "If you help them belong, eventually they will believe." In this session, Dan gives us ways he has used successfully to help connect new students in his ministry.

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