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If our more than 500 Coaching Resources seems overwhelming...try our Coaching Packages. Each Coaching Package contains some of our more popular resources available for a one time purchase price.

With dating and intimacy being such an important topic in the lives of our students, it is easy to forget how we must stay diligent in our own lives as leaders to stay pure in our walk with God. It is my prayer that this month’s Legacy page provides you with resources that you can use to teach your students, but also valuable reminders for your own walk with God. Remember the order is Master first, then Mission, then Mate.

In March, we are placing our focus on a game-changing leadership attribute: GRIT. That’s code language for RELENTLESS...NON-STOP...ENDURANCE.

It’s both ironic and providential that this would be our theme in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re talking about the painful emotions that are often met with TRT (“typical religious talk”) in Christian circles.

The fact that people may choose to FOLLOW YOU in life…is not necessarily an indicator that you DESERVE to be followed. There is a massive difference between “HAVING a following” and “being a person who is WORTH following.”

A bunch of us have been watching recently the riveting ESPN documentary about Michael Jordan, “The Last Dance.” It’s insightful from not only a sports perspective but a leadership one. Jordan talks often about the importance of an “in-your-face offense.” And that’s what this month’s LEGACY is focused on.