Slow Fade

Sin has energy! That's the heart of this issue of the Source. It is, perhaps, one of the most important messages we really need to get deep down inside of us. The slippery slope that lies ahead for those of us who don't "get it" is frightening.

In order to "get it," we take a close look at the progression of sin outlined very clearly in Psalm 19. It is the very process the Enemy uses to take some of God's finest out of the game. If we're not careful, we are just as susceptible. The costly compromises and rationalization of our sin will blindside us and take us out at the knees. The "Slow Fades" will leave our hearts hardened and spiritually dead.

On this night, we look to God's Word, a video, cooking pot, vacuum cleaner and the perfect song to help put a halt to the "Slow Fades" in our lives.