OVERBOARD: Disconnecting From Toxic Relationships

I often say, "Show me your friends...and I'll show you your future!" So, if there is one topic that I think creates more spiritual fatality figures than anything's relationships.

In this Source, I call, "OVERBOARD: Disconnecting from Toxic Friendships," we look at the story of Jonah and the impact of letting the wrong people get too close. Using stories, an illustration and a simple drama, the negative friendship cycle is exposed in hope that students don't get pulled in and swallowed up by it. For it's been proven time and time again, you can't live in Jonah's boat and avoid Jonah's future.

After over five decades in youth ministry, without comparison, no other area is more easily and often used of the Enemy to unravel students spiritually than negative friendships. Frequently, when their lives begin to come apart, all you have to do is look around and see what friends they have recently "brought on-board."