Heroes' Night

This Source, "Heroes' Night," provides an invaluable resource of an unusual kind. Our local youth ministry experienced a tragic, unexpected death of one of our key teenagers, Amber Lide. I pray that you never have to deal with something of this nature, but statistics tell me that if you stay in youth ministry for awhile, you probably will.

Thus, as a mentoring tool, I am sending you a copy of "Heroes' Night" so you can listen in as to how we honored Amber in our local youth ministry not long after her death. It will be a rich, significant experience for you to listen to...and to be able to learn how we attempted to make even this tragic situation a "pain with purpose" situation. Listen wholeheartedly because "Heroes' Night" is a great idea apart from even this kind of agonizing situation. After all, "Youth was not made for pleasure. It was made for heroism."

Lovingly thankful you are a true Hero,