Which Chair Are You In?

A staggering statistic tells us that 85% of the young people brought up in church will not attend regularly in their adulthood. If that's even remotely close to accurate, it takes my breath away and probably yours too.

As we discuss in this Source, "Which Chair Are You In?," there could be any number of reasons as to why the statistic is so alarming. Perhaps their personal experiences with Christ have been rare or non-existent. Maybe they are trying to live off of the borrowed faith of their parents and grandparents. It could be that they are treating God like a vacuum cleaner, someone only to be pulled out when there is a mess to clean up.

Regardless, we need to help students examine the source and take ownership of their faith. Like Abraham, they need to dig their own wells and build their own altars. Then, and only then, will they have what it takes to go the distance and run the race God's marked out for them. So that when it feels like no one else is reading their Bibles, they read their Bibles. When it seems like no one else is worshipping, they worship. When it appears no one else is praying, they can be found on their knees. Together, may we help awaken that kind of passion for the Cause, the Kingdom and the King.