Extreme Makeover

Have you ever caught yourself asking, "Lord, why didn't you make me better at...?" or "Jesus, why didn't you make me more like...?" It seems like we forever want to be someone else and often sense that we just don't measure up. Trying to conquer our self-esteem issues is a constant battle not only in our own lives, but in the lives of our students as well. Given that the God of the universe holds us in such high esteem that He sent His Son to die for us, you wouldn't think the battle within would be so difficult and costly. But, we know that it is!

The value we place upon ourselves is, perhaps, the single most important or strategic factor in our whole future. Measuring our worth by our appearance, intellect or abilities can be devastating. So, in this Source, "Extreme Makeover: Inside Edition," we challenge students to realize that their external frame is not nearly as important as what lies within. The inside really is the big deal!

What a privilege we have to help an aching youth culture know that they matter and the best is yet to come!