Dear Jeanne...

This Source, "Dear Jeanne...," is a little different than some of our other nights. We structured this night to have a closer, more intimate feel. Instead of fill-in notes, I wrote six monologues based on some of the real concerns that a large group of students struggle with.

Even though the messages and events can be incredible, often when students show up at a youth service, they can feel like no one's talking about the stuff that's going on "inside their head." So for "Dear Jeanne...," I let the monologues express honest, and often hidden, thoughts and mind games that our students think.

You'll feel the distinction almost immediately. In a room of several hundred, I felt as though I was able to have a heart-to-heart talk with many of them. This night will quickly become a very memorable one.

We've included everything you need to make this night work for you. Change it, adapt it, and have a memorable night with your gang!

Lovingly your biggest fan,