The Contender

The Enemy would love for us to live our lives as if there were no "contender," as if neither he nor spiritual warfare existed. To live in that manner, however, would be foolish, especially given that two-thirds of Christ's ministry before the cross involved the devil or the demonic world. That, my friend, is a substantial percentage!

In this Source, "The Contender," we pull back the veil on spiritual warfare by exposing the Enemy and examining our weapons of choice. Our goal is not to spook our students, but to convince them not to take this whole thing lightly. It really is a big deal in the eyes of Jesus. The people who make Hell laugh are those who act as if it is not.

Fortunately, while the battle is real, if we have Christ in our lives, the Bible makes it clear that we will be the ultimate victor. Despite that fact, the Enemy still wants to engage us in battle and derail our lives, even if only momentarily. We cannot allow that to happen! Learning how to put on our armor and draw our weapons will prevent it!

Fighting with you,