What's Your Wheelchair?

When you hear "Code Blue" over the hospital intercom, it's never good...a life hangs in the balance, it can go either way. And, when life doesn't go as planned, we experience our own "Code Blue" moments.

"What's Your 'Wheelchair'?" is part of our "Code Blue" series designed to address issues that can leave our lives hanging in the balance. Though probably not physical, there is past and present pain crippling both our students and ourselves that, left unaddressed, can leave us spiritually hanging on for dear life. In this Source, we'll share four Biblical principles that will help us to gain wholeness and victory despite life's hurts. Together, we'll learn what it means to "write and fight," "cut the ropes," "create new worlds" and "establish new beachheads."

You'll need your journal, Bible and pen for this one...for what you feel you can heal, what you write you can fight! Thanks for letting me be a part of your life!

Cheering you on,