Help! I Wiped Out Again

"Are you serious? Again...I messed up again? Why bother trying? I can't do this!" Those are just a few of the thoughts secretly going through some of our students' heads two weeks after an unforgettable retreat, amazing camp or life-changing youth service. Meanwhile, we're secretly thinking, "I know the decisions they made there were real, so why has our new found spiritual tenor flat-lined? Who poured water on their fire?" These thoughts, left unaddressed, leave our students feeling like failures...and us too!

What happened? Well, chances are during that two week period they came face-to-face with the fact they are still humans. In other words, they aren't quite as perfect as they thought they could be or should be. This Source is not meant to give students an excuse to sin, but to give them hope. To help them understand that God's love is so much bigger than the million times they've messed up. If done well, by the end of the night we will have disarmed the Enemy's attempt to convince students that God is not interested in hearing from them because they've wiped out too many times for Him to take them seriously.

Through an awesome monologue, fun stories and outside of the box creative communication, students will come to realize that our Master has always known about our weaknesses...and has created ways to make good use of them for His glory if we will simply refuse to give up!

Undeserving of God's unmerited love, but grateful for it,