Deadly Detours In Youth Ministry

With our iPhones, iPads and iPods, we live in a pretty "I" centered world. But, have you ever noticed that there is an "I" in the center of "SIN" and "PRIDE" too? And, that "I" is always faithful to get us into trouble. It is so counter-productive and destructive when it comes to authentically building the Kingdom of God for Jesus Christ.

In this Youth Leader's Coach, allow me to coach from my own humanness and call out to you from my quiet times in 1 Samuel. In doing so, let me help you avoid some of the same costly mistakes, speed bumps and sin "I" have encountered along the way. Prayerfully, my vulnerability will enable you to catch small compromises long before they become "Deadly Detours In Youth Ministry."

Cheering you on,

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