The unique and popular A&E TV show, "Hoarders," tells the stories of individuals struggling with the mental disorder of being unable to throw things away. In this Source, we peer into the lives of Jill and Patty, two obsessive-compulsive hoarders. "Junk" has taken over their lives to the point that everything is on the line...their homes, marriages and, in Patty's case, even the custody of her children. Sound irrational? Absolutely, but we have more in common with them than you might think!

Using their stories and the story of Achan, parallels are drawn to the hoarding that goes on in our own lives...the junk we simply can't let go of that's not good for us and, in many cases, is destroying us. That junk comes in the form of unhealthy friendships, attitudes, fears, hurts, insecurities and the list goes on. Achan never fully got rid of his junk, neither did Patty, and it cost them everything. Hopefully and prayerfully, our attempt to come face-to-face with ours will set us free.

Getting rid of the clutter,