Leading Without A Mic

This iVolunteer resource is a COACHING RESOURCE for volunteer youth leaders who want to be the BEST they can be!

As a volunteer, it's sometimes challenging not being the "top dog." You might easily begin to think that you're not making much of a difference when you're not the one on the platform. You may wonder how setting up chairs every Wednesday night, or smiling at a few students and asking them some questions once a week can really be changing anything.

In this iVolunteer, "Leading Without A Mic," we'll take a look at the biblical example of David, who began his career as a "high school" volunteer in King Saul's army. David could have easily said, "I'm just a volunteer!" But, he knew it wasn't his title or amount of recognition that determined whether his life made a difference. Instead, it was the heart with which he served. So, listen in and be reminded that, "Leadership isn't a title; Leadership is influence."

Cheering you on,