The Edge

We often begin our Christian walk standing strong for our faith but, as time goes on, we spend more time "polishing our Christian armor" than we do fighting the battle for the lives of those around us. We calmly stand by as they "blindly" walk by us on their way to drop off "The Edge" into an eternal hell.

If you find your gang has become a bit complacent in their faith, you're going to love this month's Source we've called, "The Edge." We based this night on the Scripture, Ezekiel 22:30, "I looked among them for someone who would build a wall and stand in the gap so I would not have to destroy them, but I found none." Using a full-length drama that is very easy to reproduce with just a few simple props, some background music and lights to set the mood, we created a very powerful outreach night where we saw students recommit to fighting for the eternal lives of their friends and witnessed many others being rescued from "The Edge" themselves.

Committed to "standing in the gap,"