Small Groups

Youth Ministry Basics is eight pragmatic teachings with informative "how-tos" that have consistently made significant differences in my youth ministries over the years.

Small groups have always been the greatest pragmatic tool I've used in all of my ministires for creating family, discipleship, and growth. In fact, they have never been youth ministries WITH small groups. Instead, my ministries have always been a youth ministry OF small groups. But though many of you may agree on the importance of small groups, launching and maintaing them isn't always easy.

This Youth Ministry Basics Resource will be a valuable tool if you already have small groups in place and want to re-boot them, or if you are looking to start small groups in your ministry. It will walk you step by step through putting systems in place for getting your groups started strong, how to run a small group, and answers many of the most common questions I get asked. It really is true that, "life change happens in circles, not rows."