Dane is creating a movie on "What people think about Christians," when he meets Evan, a young guy, dealing with the hurt and guilt of his sister's comatose state. The persistence of Dane softens Evan's heart and opens him up to begin to question and ask more about faith and God. Watch as Dane and Evan both break and get rid of some hurt in their lives, overcome seemingly unbeatable odds, and start to live out their God given destinies as God quietly pulls some strings in the background.

This drama fearlessly tackles some of the most hindering questions in a person's walk with God, head on. Brace yourself as you witness people's needs for hope, love, value, and attention lead to one solid conclusion: All of these are found when you are LOST in God.

You may also wish to purchase the Youth Leader's Coach mentoring resource called, "Hosting A Mind-Blowing Retreat. It includes the start to the finish pragmatics of running an interactive retreat.

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