Questions To Ask Before They Buy The Ring

This Youth Leader's Coach deals with one of your most crucial roles in youth ministry, but probably one we haven't given a great deal of thought to. I've entitled it, "Questions To Ask Before They Buy The Ring." It's my way to help you avoid a high percentage of engagement disasters.

In all honesty, most people put more reasoned thought into the choice of a car or a home than they do into their choice of a lifelong mate. So I share with you, ten simple questions that you can ask your seriously dating single adults before they "pop the big question." Feel free to make several copies of this Youth Leader's Coach and hand them out to students early in the game when serious relationships are beginning to emerge. These simple ten questions will give invaluable specifics to help cut through the fantasy world of a "Cinderella romance."

Happy listening! This Youth Leader's Coach may someday save one of your students from a tragic mistake. So please take it seriously.

Remembering that "Puppy love...leads to a dog's life!"

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