What's In Your Box?

Back in 1985, Coca Cola launched an advertising campaign which ended up being one of the biggest marketing debacles of all time. Coke introduced a "new and improved" formula of their popular soft drink...and in the all-important red box on the front of the can, they put "NEW COKE." Sales sunk to record lows! As Christians, if we truly want to make a difference for God's Kingdom, we need to ask ourselves, "What's in my personal BOX?" In other words, what's my over-arching DNA, focus, mission, and purpose in life?

In this Youth Leader's Coach, instead of just me in the studio, you hear me speaking to the young college and career group at our church. But I am so passionate about this, I wanted to share it with you too! I challenged them with some simple questions to help them discover what God has put in their "box" to live a life of meaning and purpose.

Committed to living a 100X life,

Audio Preview