A headline appeared on the front page of the USA Today newspaper. It read, "Ever since 9-11, a rash of violence in our world which is highly difficult to contain has continued to mount through the means of young adult suicide bombers. We wonder why the Palestinian and Islamic movements are gaining such momentum worldwide. Perhaps these zealous young people are the answer. These young men and women don't want to SEND a bomb. They want to BE THE BOMB."

Then listen to these haunting words from more of that newspaper article: "There is little likelihood of permanently stopping any of these young suicide bombers who are so fiercely CONSUMED by their cause that they are literally willing for THEIR CAUSE TO CONSUME THEM."

In this month's Youth Leader's Coach, "Consumed," I'm sharing three things we need to remember if we want to be consumed for Kingdom purposes. The world is full of stories of people who give their lives for a lesser cause than the cause of Christ. And though few of us are called to give our lives PHYSICALLY, we are all called to give ourselves whole-hearted SPIRITUALLY.