I Talk Back To The Devil

You often hear me say "SIN HAS ENERGY"! Modern science and our space program have long spoken of the possibility of a BLACK HOLE. Scientifically, a black hole is defined as "a small region of space that contains matter packed so densely that an INTENSE GRAVITATIONAL PULL is created from which not even light can escape." And parallel to this, since "SIN HAS ENERGY," we can't be stupid enough to violate "sin's magnetic field of gravitation." With a Black Hole, just like a normal magnet, the closer you get to it, the stronger the pull. And in the same way, the closer you get to SIN, the stronger sin's pull will be on you. That's why the Bible tells us to FLEE from temptation...NOT just "stand our ground and resist it."

The most powerful weapon against the Enemy's invisible world will ALWAYS BE THE WORD OF GOD. So in this Source, "I Talk Back To The Devil," I'm intentionally coming after teaching our students the power of Scripture as they deal with temptation, guilt, a lack of faith, and tough times.