Middle School Ministry: Stuck In The Middle

If you fail with a student in middle school, you will have a much more challenging job ever reconnecting with them in later years. These are the most impressionable years of life...even more impressionable than the years between birth and age 2. It’s the opportunity to reach them before they need rescued. To help them hit the pause button as they go from listening to and believing everything their parents said to owning their own thoughts and their own faith.

I'm excited about this Youth Leader's Coach, "Middle School Ministry: Stuck In The Middle" because I get to share this message with my dear and trusted friend, Judy Gregory, who was part of the Youth Leader’s Coach team for years and before that spent 10 years raising up a middle school youth ministry of over 500 students. So, listen in as we share ideas on effectively impacting students in these highly important years.


Audio Preview