My 600-Pound Life

We all have different internal "crutches" that we lean on for SECURITY and for our own IDENTITY. For some of us, like the people depicted in the TLC reality show, "My 600-Pound Life," it's FOOD. For others of us, it's our friends, sports, money, music or WHATEVER. The truth is, when we don't build our identity around Christ, we put our security in something else.

In this month's Source, "My 600-Pound Life," I'm sharing on 3 things to do to center our identity around Christ. My challenge? As Colossians says, "To be complete in Him." Much easier said than done, but so worth it.

So listen in. In a world that gives us the measuring sticks of appearance, intelligence, talent and popularity to feel good about ourselves, we choose to fix our eyes on Christ and put our identity in Him.