Youth Ministry's Golden Rule

Early in my ministry someone glibly told me, "The Golden Rule in ministry is whoever rules the gold, rules!" I laughed. But as the years have passed, the Enemy has occasionally tried to make this statement painfully true in ministries I led. Yet here's what I know beyond all doubt: To have a great youth ministry, you don't need a big BUDGET; you just need a big HEART. As a matter of fact, I've often had no money at all allocated to the youth ministry. That's why fundraising and I have been forced to become best friends.

In this Youth Leader's Coach, I'm sharing a few practical thoughts when it comes to youth ministry and finances. The Roman philosopher Seneca had it right many centuries ago when he wisely said: "Money never made anyone rich." So, grab your pen and be ready to take notes because this one is as GOOD AS GOLD!


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