Time Management Secrets In An Over-Scheduled World

OUR LIVES ARE ALL SUPER BUSY!  And painfully, all the stats tell us that we can work hard, spend long hours and still be agonizingly NON-PRODUCTIVE!  Our lives are scheduled to the max.  Between family demands, work obligations, and a million things in between, it can feel like time is slipping through our fingers with our heavily over-scheduled lives.

Because your purpose in life is so HUGE, the Enemy will try to divert you time-wise.  We all fall into this trap.  That’s why this leadership coaching resource is one that can’t be overlooked.

In this resource, “Time Management Secrets In An Over-Scheduled World,” we’re unpacking a major principle; “Managing your ENERGY, not TIME, is the primary key in high performance and personal renewal in your life.”

A Gallup Poll surveyed thousands of employees and found, 55% said they were not engaged or focused at work… and 19% called themselves totally disengaged!  The longer an employee stayed with the same job, the LESS engaged they really were.  After only 6 months on the same job, only 38% of the employees remained highly engaged.  After 3 years, only 22% were truly engaged.

It’s easy for the best of us to begin to live a little more in REMOTE CONTROL mode.  We go through the paces of life, ministry, and work...without being emotionally connected.

So, that’s the big question we’re asking in this resource.  “How can you improve your own productivity through simple steps giving you more emotional engagement?” We all want to be the best we can be and this resource is one incredible way to help us chart becoming that.