Fulfillment: Possibility Or Paradox?

We're all looking for fulfillment. Unfortunately, lots of times there comes a restlessness in any career field, including the ministry, thinking this isn't as fulfilling as I thought it would be. Fame, money...don't bring fulfillment, though the unspoken message in society is that they do. We know that obviously, Jesus will bring fulfillment, but there are lots of people who have Jesus that aren't fulfilled. Fulfillment will come when you put Jesus first...but then you need to take the time to balance your priorities.

After being in youth ministry for over four decades, I’ve learned you have to be intentional to make sure that doing some of the same things you've done many times are still fulfilling. In this Youth Leader's Coach, I've reached into my own life to share some practical tools I've used to make sure that my life continues to be both exciting and fulfilling, even during some of life's most difficult seasons.

In It For The Long Haul,

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