When Doing All You Can Isn't Enough

We all relate to seasons in life when we're doing all we can...and it isn't enough. We feel like no matter what we do...we can never be a good enough husband or wife, parent, friend...and we certainly can't be a good enough Christian! Old Testament heroes like King David and Elijah suffered through times like these and in my more than 40 years of ministry, I've walked through my share.

Even though you may not be going through one of these seasons right will. Listen in to this Youth Leader's Coach, "When Doing All You Can Isn't Enough," as I walk you through some important things that have anchored me during these seasons in my own life. And store it somewhere close to listen to again when those seasons come...I pray through it you will find hope and remember that though God may feel a thousand miles away sometimes...He continues to be close and remains fiercely in love with you.


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