Moral Purity In A Sex Saturated World

My heart aches as I hear of yet another prominent name in the Christian circles that has fallen victim to sexual sin. I am angry at the number of Christ followers that continue to believe that they can "dance some of these lines"...yet not become another fatality victim. But the truth is, in today's world more than ever, the Enemy delights in the many opportunities he has to entice our sexual desires.

A quote that I heard often from my hero and husband Sam Mayo, was, "If not for the Grace of go I." Proverbs says, "Guard your heart (affections)..." for Satan always reserves the right to collect on your sin (compromise) when it is his most opportune moment. So, let's take some time to unpack one of the most important things we can discuss as leaders...whether we're men or women..."Moral Purity in a Sex-Saturated World."


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