An Autopsy of Leadership Train Wrecks

Whenever life's "train wrecks" occur, we talk about the OUTCOMES. But a far more important discussion is pin-pointing the specific ON-RAMPS that led to these moments. I shared this message with the Atlanta Leadership College gang before we let out for the summer and it's a great message for your graduating students, young adults, your leaders, and you!

It's so important as the early church fathers said, "to know thyself." As I did my own evaluation, it is a continuing reminder that, as we as Christians are being used by God, there will be a "bullseye" on our spiritual chests put there by the Enemy and we need to be proactive to dodge his bullets. So, let’s unpack some of the REPEATED OBSERVATIONS I’ve made from these crash sites. Remember, “Those who do not LEARN FROM HISTORY are invariably DOOMED TO REPEAT IT.”