T. E. Lawrence once said, "All men DREAM, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds…awake in the day to find that their dreams were sometimes vanity. But the DREAMERS OF THE DAY ARE DANGEROUS MEN, for they WILL ACT on their dreams with eyes wide open, to make them POSSIBLE." Isn't that a great quote?

Every leader feels that sense of moments when they need to do something motivational to stir the hearts of those they are leading… and that's what this message is about. In this message, I look at the life of Joshua, a biblical example of a NONSTOP person with GRIT. In his life, I've found four characteristics of NONSTOP Christians who want the word, "LEGACY" to be one that describes their life.

Determined to "finish the race with the wind in my face,"