The Unlovely Side Of Love Legacy Edition

This is just one of the resources from our LEGACY edition called, CHEW AND SPIT ROMANCE.

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Do a youth service on anything connected to romance or love, and suddenly you have the whole room captive to your words! Maybe it's because romance and love are presented to this culture in such ethereal and unrealistic ways. After all, the movies and music of today's youth culture rarely focus on "The Unlovely Side Of Love."

But in this message, I attempt to share with my gang a more biblical and realistic look at true love. It's a love that 1 Corinthians 13 reminds us "does not demand its own way." It's a love that flies in the face of this generation's "me-centered" version. And most of all, it's a love that makes the Author of Love smile.

Yours for a REALISTIC look at love,