Affair-Proofing Your Future Marriage Legacy Edition

This is just one of the resources from our LEGACY edition called, CHEW AND SPIT ROMANCE.

The sad tragedy is that no one ever teaches you how to be a parent until it's almost too late and you have kids. No one teaches you how to handle finances until you get in a big mess. Perhaps more importantly, no one ever teaches you how to affair-proof your marriage until long after you've said "I do" and someone has crossed a line. Unfortunately, I think sometimes we plan more carefully for birthday parties and Christmas celebrations than we do our future marriage. Statistics tells us that 2/3 of married men and 1/2 of married women in America will have at least one affair in their marriage. How heart wrenching!

"Dating is just dress rehearsal for marriage"...if we step into infidelity traps while dating, there is a high probability we will in marriage as well. Equipping our kids now has the potential to save a whole lot of dating and marriage heartache later.