Practical Wisdom On Building A Great Youth Worship Team

You are going to love this Youth Leader's Coach, "Practical Wisdom On Building A Great Youth Worship Team." I asked a dear friend and powerful voice in Christian worship, Jeff Deyo (former lead singer of Sonic Flood) to host this Youth Leader's Coach with me. I think you will really benefit from the hour we spend together.

In the fabric of a youth ministry, few things are more important than building a viable worship team. But few aspects of youth ministry can be any more challenging than this one area. Feel free to make copies of this Youth Leader's Coach after you listen to it and pass it out to your worship team (or worship team hopefuls). I think whether you are so desperate that you are singing with recorded music or whether you have a strongly-developed worship team, you will really benefit from this discussion.

As always, thanks for letting me be in your life.

Lovingly yours,

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