JESUS: Best Friend Or Facebook Fan?Legacy Edition

For many, there is a little unspoken competition going on with Facebook. The battle of the numbers! Who has the most "friends" and, if you're "popular" enough to have exceeded the 5,000 "friend maximum," who has the most "fans"? With over 91 million hitting his fan page, the teenage heartthrob, Justin Bieber, has us all beat...exponentially! But, in all reality, the majority of his Facebook fans, he's never met...and the majority of our Facebook friends, we probably wouldn't feel comfortable calling on in a time of need. Given the opportunity, I believe many of us would exchange our countless Facebook "friends" for one truly authentic, "best" friend.

"Best friend" is the word picture we use in this Message, "Jesus: Best Friend Or Facebook Fan?" to describe the relationship Christ desires to have with us. We use a fun "Bieber-fever" type skit, an object lesson, and a handful of stories to drive home four steps on how to move our relationship with the Lord from "Fan" to "Best Friend."


This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, JESUS: SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWER OR AUTHENTIC FRIEND?