Helping Others To Higher Ground Legacy Edition

Maybe you saw it on TV too. It was an interview with a surviving mountain-climbing guide. He was guiding amateur climbers to the peak of Mount Everest and in one of those climbs, two of his fellow guides lost their lives. The interview gave powerful insights into how we can help others "go to the next level" in their climb up the Mountain of God.

"Helping Others Go To Higher Ground" weaves together principles from the Word, from life, and from this interview. The focus of our time together answers one of ministry's greatest questions: "How do I help motivate the people in my ministry and my leaders to pursue continued spiritual and personal growth?" The guide's answer to one of the interviewer's closing questions makes this whole teaching worth listening to. The interviewer asked, "After seeing so vividly the dangers of leading a group of amateur climbers, I can't understand why you keep doing this." The guide paused and then said, "Obviously, you haven't been to the top."

Still trying to lead others toward "The Top,"

This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, JESUS: SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWER OR AUTHENTIC FRIEND?

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