God's Answer To Repeating Sin: Cow Manure Legacy Edition

"Cow Manure!" Very odd message title, don't you think? But, dealing with repeated sin patterns in our lives feels a little like cow manure. The question is, How do you get to the point of refusing to "step into it" again? Strangely enough, the answer lies in the word "hate."

In Proverbs 8:13 it says, "The fear of the Lord is to HATE evil." When we truly hate something, the temptation pull is not nearly so strong. In fact, unless we are forced to, we are not likely to do anything we hate to do. So, if we can begin to have God's heart and attitude toward our sin, we can progressively walk in new levels of freedom.

How do you gain God's heart and grow to "hate" evil? Great question! Grab a cup of coffee and listen in. As always, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your life.


This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio.

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, COW MANURE: GOD'S UNLIKELY REMEDY FOR SIN