25 Things Ladies On Your Leadership Team Wish Make Leaders Knew About Them Legacy Edition

This is one of those times together that you will want to copy and give to all the guys in your leadership team! Better yet, if you are bold, make copies for your female leaders too and then ask them how you're doing (if you're a male leader). I've entitled our time together "25 Things Ladies On Your Leadership Team Wish Male Leaders Knew About Them."

Through the years in youth ministry, I've repeatedly heard girls bemoan some of the same issues with men in the leadership trenches. This is especially true of ladies who work on the team of a male pastor. So I had some fun and decided to create this Coaching Resource around 25 of those most repeated themes. You'll have fun listening. Even more, I think you'll hear some things that will help sharpen teamwork in your youth ministry with some of the amazing females around you.

Still laughing at "Women's Lib,"

This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, MISHMASH ROMANCE

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