The Gray Zone Legacy Edition

"The Gray Zone" - It's a place that many of the teenagers in your youth ministry probably spend more time than you wish. What is it? It's the unspoken territory where convictions and standards are neither clearly "wrong" nor "right," neither clearly "black" or "white;" just a confusing "gray."

Years ago in ministry I learned that principles are received much easier than rules. So this Message is a set of "filter questions" to help your audience develop their own clear convictions in the crucial gray zone. It's one of those messages that you'll want to keep nearby for even future use on an individual basis.

Bless you, my friend, as you yourself continue to fine-tune your own spiritual convictions in the many "gray zones" we face as leaders. May you make your decisions realizing that we "TEACH what we know, but we REPRODUCE who we are."


This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, BLACK OR WHITE IN A GRAY WORLD