One Of Leaderships Most Costly Mistakes Legacy Edition

I am not sure there is a biblical skill set more vital for your future fulfillment, peace, and destiny than this topic. So vital that I've included a 21 page document with the fill-in notes regarding it for this Coaching Resource.

What skill set could possibly rank that high in importance? The sensitive one too few are willing to address for fear of being misinterpreted, but too important not to...mastering the principles of biblical authority and submission.

It's not hard to live under authority until the leader over you makes a decision you disagree with. Chances are, however, if you stick around long enough, they eventually will. Drawing upon the wisdom of Watchman Nee and multiple Bible passages, this coaching is a guide to help you avoid the tragic mistakes of Lucifer and Adam. Instead, safely walk in the footsteps of Jesus.


This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, BLACK OR WHITE IN A GRAY WORLD

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