Dealing With The Ministry Blahs Legacy Edition

Have you ever hit periods when you were unmotivated to do ministry? Where you were painfully "blah" in other areas of your life? I used to think that if I just took care of my "spiritual person," I was going to be okay. But the truth is, doing ministry for the long haul (more than 3 months) is more complicated than just taking care of your spiritual self. What I wish someone had told me earlier is what I've learned through the years. There are "Five Ministry Tanks" that we need to keep paying attention to in order to give us "fuel" to do ministry for the long haul. If not, we run the risk of showing up to heaven with an enlarged ministry, but a shrunken heart.

That's what this Coaching Resource, "Dealing With The Ministry Blahs," is all about. In it I share some of the risks associated with ministry "blahs" or "running on an empty tank." And then look at all five ministry tanks...SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and RELATIONAL and some of the ways that that I have been successful in keeping them filled through my ministry run.


This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, WHAT TO DO WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT