Youth Ministry's Most Dangerous Transfer

Years ago in my youth ministry, I came to the sudden realization that there was much more than a normal attitude problem affecting a young man in my group. The boy, who was quite nice to me, seemed to create a sudden negative change in attitude in those around him. There was a "spiritual transference" of attitude between this young man and those he influenced. I began to pray: "Lord, please mute, any negative influence this young man is having on those around him." Between regular prayer and some fasting, this boy came to the Lord a few months later.

This Youth Leader's Coach is titled, "Youth Ministry's Most Dangerous Transfer." I want to give you a few principles on some of the powerful elements affecting our ministries on a weekly basis.

So enjoy my sharing this month as I provide what I consider a powerful aspect to changing the hearts and minds of our students.

Lovingly still wanting to create change,

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