Consuming Fire

Have you started a fire recently in your youth service? I mean a real fire. If not, this Source will give license to the "closet pyromaniac" hiding inside most of us. My title for the evening was "Consuming Fire," and in all honesty, it will be a night that your teenagers will probably remember for a long time.

The message focuses on God's positive and life-changing process of purification in our lives. It ends with a brief visualization focused around something we don't mention much in youth ministry these days...Hell. So as you share with your students about the "fiery times" we all experience, it will be your honor to give those times some meaning and purpose.

Aren't we really lucky to get to do what we do? We get to partner with Jesus to change teenagers' lives before they reach that nasty, temperamental, hard-to-change status called "adulthood"!

Lovingly still playing with fire,