NYLC 2012


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This Coaching Package contains the audios and handout notes from all three general sessions with Jeanne Mayo at her National Youth Leaders' Conference, Canvas. In these resources, Jeanne challenges her listeners to define the character of who they want to seven words, challenging the "superstar" in all of us to "come down" and be the leader God called you to be, and asking, do you have what it takes to be a Contender...a champion for the cause of Christ?

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NYLC General Session

The ultimate question in life is not what you want to do, but rather who do you want to be? Listen in to this General Session, where Jeanne shares the "seven words" that she has chosen to define her life. You see, to become a leader "worth following," you have to become very intentional about developing your inner person. As you learn Jeanne's "seven words" perhaps you'll accept her challenge to write your own...who do you want to be?

NYLC General Session

In our modern church culture, we've forgotten our true focus, and we see emerging "Superstars." According to Jeanne, "We've become political...biased and opinionated...self-serving...and highly competitive." Does that sound like any church leaders you know? Listen to Jeanne's heart as she passionately challenges the "Superstar" in you to "Come Down!" and revive the parts of you that may have died spiritually.

NYLC General Session

We all want to be a champion. From when we were all little kids we had fantasies of being a hero. In this session, Jeanne brings to life scenes from a book by Robert Lipstyte called The Contender. In this story, we're all the hero, and we're in a battle for our destiny. We keep getting knocked down and the question is, will you get up and keep swinging? If you are hurt, disappointed, tired, feel like what you're doing is ineffective, you're ready to need to listen to this message.