NYLC 2009


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This Coaching Package contains the audios and handout notes from all three general sessions with Jeanne Mayo at her National Youth Leaders' Conference, Epicenter. With guest speakers, G. H. Williams and Rodney Darkchild Jerkins, Jeanne looks at the significance of renting a room in your mind to the Enemy, how youth ministry relates to Hollywood and MTV, and being ready to go where Jesus calls us in a moment's notice.

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NYLC General Session

In this final General Session of the conference, Jeanne's goal is that all will have the opinion that "We get to do this youth ministry thing...We get to live in such a way that hell will regret that we found the purpose of our lives." She shares five principles to help us do this.

Special guest, G. H. Williams, who walked beside Martin Luther King, Jr. shares the significance of "a washcloth, a toothbrush and a dime," and challenges us to "count the cost" of what we choose to do with our lives. According to the late Martin Luther King, Jr., "If a person does not have anything in this world worth dying for, he is not fit to live." What do you burn for?

NYLC General Session

Sometimes it seems like the Enemy has a rented room in our minds. In this opening General Session, Jeanne teaches us how to recognize and deal with some of the rooms the Enemy likes to "rent" and take control of in our the rented rooms of Insecurity, Depression, Doubt, Guilt, What's the Use Anyway?, Fear and Self-Hatred. You might be surprised as Jeanne asks some candid questions to the 2,000 youth leaders in the room and they share their honest answers.

NYLC General Session

In this General Session Jeanne and Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins share "What MTV And Hollywood Teach Us About Youth Ministry." They help us understand "The Silent Years." Rodney shares how being faithful and persistent in the "Silent Years," contributed to his success. Jeanne shares her heart about the real benefits of staying in ministry and not giving up in the "Silent Years." She challenges us to do ministry for God first, then the students, because the church doesn't reward the "Silent Years."

Listen as Jeanne shares her definition of success and how it has changed over the years.