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If you have more than ten students in your youth group, you need leaders to help you. But understanding and leading a leadership team creates it's own challenges. The mentoring resources in this Coaching Package help you understand your leaders, from why they quit, to what they guys and ladies on your team want each other to know and also how to take them to the next level of leadership.

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This Youth Leader's Coach, "20 Things Guys On Your Youth Leadership Team Want The Lady Leaders To Know," is sure to become one of your favorites! It's the companion to the one I did from the female perspective. Granted, last time I checked, I'm a million miles from being a guy. So rest assured that I interviewed many of the male species to get their "top twenty." The results were eye-opening in some cases.

So listen carefully to what many men in youth ministry would love to communicate to the female leaders on their team. And then feel free to make copies of both this Youth Leader's Coach and its companion, "25 Things Ladies On Your Leadership Team Wish Male Leaders Knew About Them." Hand them out to your leaders and I assure you that the unity and understanding on your team will go up. After all, a popular writer tells us that "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus!" No matter how much we all love teenagers, we're wired up pretty differently.

This is one of those times together that you will want to copy and give to all the guys in your leadership team! Better yet, if you are bold, make copies for your female leaders too and then ask them how you're doing (if you're a male leader). I've entitled our time together "25 Things Ladies On Your Leadership Team Wish Male Leaders Knew About Them."

Through the years in youth ministry, I've repeatedly heard girls bemoan some of the same issues with men in the youth leadership trenches. This is especially true of ladies who work on the team of a male youth pastor. So I had some fun and decided to create this Youth Leader's Coach around 25 of those most repeated themes. You'll have fun listening. Even more, I think you'll hear some things that will help sharpen teamwork in your youth ministry with some of the amazing females around you.

Ever wonder what an iceberg, a starving baker, rivers and floods, chess and checkers and the bit market have to teach us about "Taking Your Leadership To The Next Level"? In this Youth Leader's Coach I am thrilled to be joined by my good friend, Tim Elmore, as we present old truths in a brilliant new way. Tim has worked for years with John Maxwell and now heads up He has recently written several books on Habitudes: Images that form leadership habits and attitudes.

Listen as he shares 5 "habitudes" to help you grow your own leadership ability while doing youth ministry. Grab a cup of coffee and let's unpack the key traits every youth pastor and leader should know. These leadership images will be a breath of fresh air for you!

We live in a pretty non-committal society. Over and over again I hear staggering statistics that remind me that human nature is often not in the commitment business. That's why I decided to share this month's Youth Leader's Coach, "Why Do People Quit So Easily?" on this topic of commitment.

If you have been in full-time (or bi-vocational) ministry I'm almost certain that two things have happened: PEOPLE HAVE QUIT ON YOU and YOU HAVE WANTED TO QUIT. It happens to all of us. In this Youth Leader's Coach, I share some of the reasons why people quit so easily and 9 ways that we can all become better people of commitment and follow-through.