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Whether your youth ministry is just getting started or it's been going for years…but not growing, you'll want to listen to the mentoring resources in this Coaching Package. Casting a future vision to excite your group, helping the new students come…and stay, plus making subtle changes in your ministry...without demolishing it, and as your ministry grows, you'll find strategic pragmatics on growing your leadership team.

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I hear it all the time... "I just can't seem to grow my leadership team. I get people to volunteer and then they quit a little while in, or they won't even try." Everything rises and falls on leadership. We all know the expression; but the implications of it in youth ministry are huge. We all know that we don't have the hours in the day to do all the work it takes to run a youth ministry by yourself, have a life, and still make a significant impact in a few student's lives.

In this Youth Leader's Coach, "Key Hurdles In Growing Your Leadership Team," I unpack the six key hurdles you need to face if you want to multiply your leadership team. You'll smile during some sections of my honest mentoring dialogue and maybe even "ouch" during some of the others. Whatever the case, this Youth Leader's Coach will speak to a youth ministry topic we all deal with on a regular basis. And just for the record, if no one has quit your leadership team in the last couple of months, you're doing better than most.

The majority of us have seen or channel surfed past "Flip That House" or a show like it. And, whether you're a HGTV/TLC fan or not, most of us in youth ministry have felt a similar need to "Flip That Youth Group." This need for a new and improved look may be in the area of outreach, worship, community, spiritual tenor or something entirely different. Regardless, whether now or later, we know the need for change is inevitable. Navigating that change can either be glorious if done well or catastrophic if not.

In this Youth Leader's Coach, we look at how to create specific change in our youth ministries without demolishing them. So, grab a cup of coffee and join me as we look at four things that will help us accomplish the task at hand one kid at a time.

Sam Shoemaker had it right when he encouraged us not to get so far "in the door" that we forget what it's like to live "outside the door" live without Christ. Given that Jesus died for those living outside the door, our hearts should beat strongly for them despite the fears and insecurities that accompany the word "evangelism."

Even though statistics tell us that over 90% of our students don't have a functioning gift of evangelism, the strategic growth plan covered in this Youth Leader's Coach will make it easy for both you and them to become great "doorkeepers." This will not only get new students to "come around," but "stick around" as well.

As I'm launching this exciting new chapter of my life, I just want to pause with you to share some essential principles that I'm putting into action here with my brand new youth ministry family. Statistics tell us if you're in youth ministry for the long haul, you will probably have at least one ministry transition. So whether you are starting all over again like me, or if you just want to bring fresh vision to the ministry you're at now, you'll get some great ideas from this message.

In this Youth Leader's Coach, "Thoughts From The Starting Line," I share with you ten key things that I'll be focusing on in my new youth ministry as I cast vision for the future. Remember, that "first impressions are lasting impressions" so I'm working hard to make these first few months with my new group of amazing students really count.

You may also want to listen to the Source that goes with this Youth Leader's Coach, "8,760 Hours From Now," the first night I spent with my students.