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If you haven't dealt with "romance" in your ministry... you haven't been in youth ministry very long. This Coaching Package contains our favorite live youth service messages dealing with the sensitive topic of romantic relationships and God's design for those relationships.

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Sexuality is a topic that is often AVOIDED in the church. Many times it is because we don't fully know how to talk about an issue that is becoming more and more acceptable outside of church walls. Often the people that are struggling with their sexuality feel as though they would be condemned from the church and would not want to be open about it.

In this month's Source, "Sex- Anything Goes!" I talk about some of the topics that are more difficult to address including, homosexuality and transgender identification. I believe you'll find this to be an incredibly valuable resource. So, listen in and get some pointers on how to speak on such a sensitive matter in what I believe to be a non-offensive, Christ-honoring way that leaves people with a sense of hope.

In life most of us deal with or have dealt with what I call "the compulsion for completion." We tell ourselves, "When I find the right person, I'll be complete." However, truth be told, our emptiness is not so much a case of a missing person, but a missing purpose.

What's the solution? It lies in choosing to follow the specific three step process God set in motion long ago with Adam and Eve. Following it can keep us from sliding into the abyss of continually trying to complete ourselves in others when completion can only be found in Him and Him alone.

Curious as to what the three step process is? I hope so. Grab a cup of coffee and jump back in time to "In the beginning..." Through a shocking news clipping, funny drama, great video and a story that could make a grown man cry, we'll challenge students "not to awaken love before it's time."

While strong words, I believe covering this topic, "Breaking Free Of Relational Soul Ties," in our youth ministries can and will save the spiritual lives of some of our students. A "soul tie" is an emotional connection or bond with another person that unites us in a deep, very significant fashion. The relationship can, and usually does, drive what we think, feel, and desire. While not always wrong, negative ones that blur our spiritual vision can destroy us! I would go so far as to say that negative "soul ties" are one of the top reasons many of our teenagers walk away from their faith in Christ.

So, buckle your seat belts and get ready. We pull out all the stops in this Source by explaining multiple ways "soul ties" are formed and seven ways to break free from them. Drawing from my own personal story, a lot of Scripture and two well written monologues, your students are sure to walk away with an expanded arsenal of weapons to guard against and conquer negative "soul ties."

Are you, by the way you handle relationships, a "Chew And Spit Person"? Many of us would consider people who just chew their food to get the PLEASURES OF TASTE, without swallowing or digesting the food to be crazy, right? However, this is the approach many people take when it comes to sex. They say, "I want to pursue this relationship sexually, but I'm not interested in doing it within the context of marriage. Like a person that chews food for the taste and spits it out, with premarital sex, we just want a "taste"...and then throw the person to the floor.

In this month's Source, "Chew and Spit Romance," I'm talking about what the Bible says about sex outside of marriage. It's a touchy topic, but with some creative elements and an incredible closing story, this message is one that students can deeply listen to.