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The Christian walk can bring some big challenges and questions. This the live youth service messages in this Coaching Packages tackle some of the tough topics like, finding God's will for their future, finding a God-sized dream, giving their life away for others and some of the mind games that Christians sometimes struggle with.

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This Source, "Dear Jeanne...," is a little different than some of our other nights. We structured this night to have a closer, more intimate feel. Instead of fill-in notes, I wrote six monologues based on some of the real concerns that a large group of students struggle with.

Even though the messages and events can be incredible, often when students show up at a youth service, they can feel like no one's talking about the stuff that's going on "inside their head." So for "Dear Jeanne...," I let the monologues express honest, and often hidden, thoughts and mind games that our students think.

You'll feel the distinction almost immediately. In a room of several hundred, I felt as though I was able to have a heart-to-heart talk with many of them. This night will quickly become a very memorable one.

We've included everything you need to make this night work for you. Change it, adapt it, and have a memorable night with your gang!

Researchers at Stanford University conducted an experiment at an upscale grocery store to learn more about how people make choices. By offering samples of 6 different types of jams on one day and on an alternate day 24 different types, they discovered with 24 different types of jams, that people became overwhelmed and it was much more difficult to pick just one! So often our students are in such a similar mindset in their lives, that with so many choices of what to do next, that they are asking themselves the overwhelming question, "What in the world am I supposed to do for the rest of my life?!" It is up to us to help guide them in that decision making process!

In this Source, I honestly share that finding God's will for your future is often pretty unglamorous. I demystify the process by sharing "The Sacred 7." Thought provoking things to consider including key questions like...Does it align with God's Word? Is there an internal peace associated with it? Do the circumstances (money, parents, opportunity) line up? I leave them with some life-giving Scriptures to pray to the Lord as they seek His guidance and challenge them to write down a few of their "Jam Options."

It's painfully true that people who “have dreams” are COMMON. But the people who are willing, over the test of time, to pay the price tags to move that dream into a reality, are FEW AND FAR BETWEEN. They earn their own position in the “Halls of Destiny.” And, those people are rare indeed.

A few years back, a PBS special was aired about a war hero who was being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery on the battlefield. He was a "conscientious objector," so his role on the front lines was that of being an ambulance driver to get wounded soldiers back for medical treatment. He chose not to kill anyone in war, but risked being killed for the sake of others.

The Old Testament story of Samson, shows us another story of a man with great destiny on his life, who was willing to die for something, and a man who God used even after his past mistakes. In many ways, Samson was an "ambulance driver."

In this month's Source, "A Call For Ambulance Drivers," with the help of Samson, a hilarious skit, and some other must-see creative elements, I'm bringing to life the concept of GIVING YOUR LIFE AWAY for others. With the reminder that failure isn't fatal, to occasionally have holy anger, and to have the guts to pull down the pillars in our own lives, the challenge is sent out to our students. We too, can be ambulance drivers.

What is the ONE THING you want to "leave it all on the field" for?

Based off of the epic true story from a football championship game of the Permian High School Panthers, this month's Source is called, "FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS"!

In this Source, I talk about what it takes to keep us in the "spiritual game" of life and the sacrifices for success it requires. Also, what it takes to find our ONE THING that we fight for as we reach down to the core of our ultimate calling...the purpose that keeps us going. With some inspiring clips from the movie and key Scriptures from the life of King David and some of his mighty men, I challenge our students to fight for a God-Sized Dream that will last into eternity.