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The live youth service messages in this Coaching Package challenge your students to take a look at who they are letting up close to influence them. They include how to find authentic friendships that will help them make decisions that will make God smile.

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In this Source, "Fatal Friendships," I return to a subject I frequently discuss with my gang. It's hard to overstate the influence that friends have in your student's lives.

We use Jonah as an example of the dangers of keeping too close to the wrong type of friends. We take it further than just showing them the risks - I end with a powerful small group time of communion where I challenge them to pursue positive friendship circles through effort and not by chance!

You'll enjoy this one! We've provided two optional skits to use with this message (you choose which one you want), an overview of the small group communion time, an additional small group outline, leadership materials and more.

What do zombies have to do with being a Christian? According to The Zombie Survival Guide, "Working together, always together, has shown to be the only successful strategy for staying alive and conquering the enemy." That sounds like a pretty amazing slice of the New Testament to me! And so, we used this night to set the stage as we begin the journey of new Life Groups in our ministry.

This Source, "How To Survive A Zombie Attack: Dead Men Walk Alone," shares six key purposes for doing life together in groups, like "experiencing genuine Christian friendships" and "helping each other grow spiritually." It's packed with some fun skits, an inspirational story, lots of Scripture and, as a special bonus, we even give you the Leader's Guide we used when our Life Groups met for the first time. If you are thinking about starting Life Groups in your ministry, or if your current groups need some "new life," you're going to want to listen to this one.

The term "catfish" has become really popular in culture. A catfish is a person who creates fake profiles online and pretends to be someone they are not by using someone else's pictures and information, usually with the intention of getting someone to fall in love with them. The truth is, we are all vulnerable to be catfished. Why? It's because we're all looking for TWO THINGS in relationships: Someone who genuinely CARES ABOUT US and someone who can be somewhat of a HERO.

In this month's Source, "Who Catfished My Friends?" the challenge to our students is simple, be a real hero. People are tired of being catfished spiritually. They want some authentic heroes: a person who is FULLY HUMAN yet still deeply WORTH FOLLOWING.

In this month's Source, "" I'm sharing 4 keys to friendship success with our students in an effort to up-the-ante on our life groups. The title is pretty obviously taken from the Fast And Furious movies, starring the late Paul Walker. It just means, "You're my friend WHATEVER THE PRICE TAGS. I'm sticking with you NO MATTER WHAT."

Friendship is a huge deal in the spiritual formation of teenagers. Proverbs 27:17 & 19 tells us, "Just like iron sharpens iron, so does a man make his friend sharper...Just as water mirrors the look of one's face, so does one man mirror back the heart of his friend." This is a great resource to raise the bar for friendship evangelism in any youth family.